Modern Pop or Classical String Music

Planning the perfect combination of music for your next event

escala live string quartet on stage With the ever evolving face of music in the world sometimes it becomes a really tough choice on the kind of music that should be played for an event in the family. I have often times seen arguments between youngsters and their parents or grandparents on the choice of music to be played during any sort of a family event. While the younger generation tends to prefer modern popular music, hip hop, rap and trance music for their dances, the older generation really wants something more personalized and softer to the ears. An older person would probably prefer to do a slow ball room dance, while the younger member of the family will have more acrobatic dance styles.

While planning a family event of any sort it would be a really good idea to have the perfect combination of both modern pop music and classical string music. Both these types of music can be played by a live string quartet. What is a string quartet? What instruments are in a string quartet? As the name suggests, it is a band that consists of four stringed instruments. A string quartet usually has two violins, a viola and a cello. The people that play these instruments are well trained musicians who can play any form of music for you. The reason to hire string quartet musicians like String Musicians Australia is that they sound like a mini orchestra and can play classical, jazz, modern pop, instrumental and all forms of modern music. A lot of the musicians who are part of this live string quartet have played at professional orchestras before.

traditional string quartetThis kind of music is popularly known as wedding music. It is very common of families to hire a string quartet for wedding parties which you can read about at However, that is not the only occasion that can use the music from a string quartet. In fact any occasion such as a birthday party, corporate functions, dance parties and fashion shows hire string quartet musicians. So now no matter what your choice of music might be, a string quartet like may just be the best idea for live music at an event.


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