Inclusion of Jacking Pipe in Big Pipe Projects

The importance of pipes in our lives need not be over-emphasized. They are needed everywhere and in every phase and every stage of our life. That is the reason every industry uses pipes. We can even go one step further and say that our economies depend on pipes to a great extent. Without them, we cannot get good water to drink, we cannot provide our crops with water, our waste and sewage discharge cannot be carried out smoothly and so on. They are also used for many other purposes in industries and in our infrastructure facilities like bridges and tunnels. But, we should ensure to use only high-quality pipes so that we do not encounter frequent problems. We should also be careful to use the most appropriate pipes. In other words, the requirements should be assessed rightly and the most appropriate pipes should be installed.

HOBAS GRP Jacking pipes fulfill all the above requirements. The company not only produces pipes with their most modern production technologies but offer the relevant services and support in assessing the needs of the users. Assessment of the users' needs is done by dimensioning and making calculations appropriately at the sites where these pipes are required. As far as installation of the pipes are concerned, various methods including jacking are used. Because of the quality of this GRP pipe and the high-tech installation processes that are used, the life-span of these pipes is much longer than their peer-products.

While producing this Jacking pipe, this company keeps in mind the importance of environment protection. In fact, the importance of environmental protection is instilled in the minds of the employees of the company. At every stage right from pipe design, selection of raw materials, production, transportation and installation and till operations, this aspect is given utmost importance. Even during the recycling stage, the company does not compromise on this point. In many applications, operations should be carried out under the ground and the company ensures that aggressive materials like effluents do not pollute the surroundings.

GRP stands for Glass fiber reinforced plastic and this consists of two different materials. So, this composite is able to achieve the good effects of both the materials. Though these two raw materials are physically different and their molecules do not bond, HOBAS uses a reinforcing material for combining the boundary layers of the molecules to form this composite. The main factor considered is that these two raw materials have good compatibility in their properties and processing. This composite is centrifugally cast to make these pipes. The raw materials are polyester resin and glass fiber and of course, reinforcement materials are used to combine them. These jacking pipes are used in many industries like automotive, aerospace, water and waste-water engineering, chemical and wind energy industries.

Since the composite is highly flexible, processing is quite easy. Further, these pipes can be assembled quickly also. The pipes are robust also, thanks to the combination of the raw materials. Another unique feature of these pipes is that they are corrosion resistant. Therefore, this NC pipe does not need any special protection like cathodic protection that is generally used in corrosive soils. There are no possibilities of scratches and leaks in this GRP piping system and so, these pipes are ideal for being used under the ground. Unlike other types of pipes, they are not heavy and hence, handling them is not at all difficult. The company uses the computer controlled Mandrel filament winding process for manufacturing these pipes. Rigorous testing is undertaken at every stage of production to ensure the highest standards. HOBAS jacking pipes can be used in long and curved drives also, thanks to their high compressive strength and flexibility.


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